Message from our CEO “Investing in communities leads to personal empowerment. Personal Empowerment builds stronger individuals. Stronger individuals leads to stronger families. Stronger families leads to stronger communities. Elite Healthcare Group helps build stronger communities by empowering our clients.” ~ Andrew Dinkins

Welcome to Elite Healthcare Group

By visiting our site, we understand that you are most likely going through some tough times either personally or with a loved one. Elite Healthcare Group takes great pride in being understanding of your situation while also doing everything we can to help empower whomever needs our assistance. It is our goal to assist our clients so they can maintain an independent and comfortable lifestyle. Since our clients live 24/7, it is our philosophy to cater to all their needs regardless of the time ... in an effort to meet their specific needs.

Our locations in Florida and North Carolina help people everyday just like you. We focus on individuals and families struggling due to autism and behavioral health issues. In both situations, personal attention and flexibility are key to helping our clients. We understand that each client's needs are different and specific to their circumstances. Therefore, we provide personal evaluations, customized solutions, and one-on-one personalized care.

Our Mission

"Elite Healthcare Group takes great pride in being understanding of your situation while also doing everything we can to help empower whomever needs our assistance. We strive to make a positive difference in each client’s life so that they will be empowered to become stronger individuals."

ABA Therapy | Autism

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the use of therapy that helps children with Autism or with other behavior challenges to improve their ways of communication, general functions and daily skills. Our practitioners help children with Autism create new behaviors as well as to learn new skills. When given the new skills our hope is that they will use their daily routine.

Warning Signs

  • Peculiar Toy Habits
  • Trouble Relating to Others
  • Sensitive to Sounds
  • Struggle with Change
  • Speech or Nonverbal Delays
  • Hyperactive or Passive
  • Attached to Objects
  • Lack of Safety
  • Inappropriate Emotions
  • Aloof

Behavioral Health

Behavior analysis is a science based on the foundations and principles of behaviorism. Behavior analysis focuses on behavior. Analysis of behavior can occur through experimental investigation, applied behavior analysis (ABA) and conceptual analysis. Different strategies such a prompting, fading, shaping, and pivotal response training will be used daily when working with the client.

Our Services

  • Intake assessments
  • Evaluations
  • Group Therapy
  • Skill building group
  • Adult Services
  • Children Services
  • Support Groups
  • Adolescent Services
  • Target Case Management

Home Health Care

With Elite Healthcare Group, caregivers are there for you, to help with everyday tasks that allow you to live independently, regardless of where you call home. Whether you would like help for a few hours a day or need full-time (24-hour care), our caregivers are ready to assist you. Home care promotes independence, providing tailored assistance where needed, and is personalized, allowing for maximum amount of freedom for clients and their loved ones.

It Just Makes Sense

  • Home care is an economical alternative to an assisted living or nursing home.​
  • The security and comfort of being at home is often the best medicine.
  • The little things we do make a big difference.
  • We offer you more choices.
  • Because you determine what services you need and how often, we can design a plan to fit within your budget.

Contact Us | Free Consultation

We are pleased to offer anyone needing assistance a free consultation to help you determine if we are the best solution for your needs. For us, clients come first and we want to prove that to you.

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